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After having a long successful stint in the retail game as THRILLER, we decided to pull away from selling other people's crap for horrible margins and sell our own through Studiotique, our retail frontage. It has worked!  Grubwear Brand has a bricks & mortar home base and we are now starting to support other local brands in small doses and will be carrying them for Spring 2017!  

Look out for DEVIL MAY WEAR, the prolific brain child and fashion blitz brand created by Stephanie Ostler from Vancouver. Her focus is environmentally and ethically sourced fabrics, designed and manufactured in her studio on Main St. We'll be selling her famous knickers (not her actual knickers) and tops!  

MALVADOS is hitting the shelves this spring. A Vancouver based ladies flop and footwear brand designed and produced by Jennifer Ross Rainnie. Total comfort with elite fit in a flurry of never before see colors and styles.

Steve Sandve has created EAST VAN BEES a few years ago as a hobby being a bee-keeper.  Fast forward to 2017 and Steve has left his job and taken on EVB full time. Their line includes locally harvested Honey with URBAN FLAVOURS, Lip balm, beard wax, Chili infused Honey Cheese drizzle and mini-pollinator packs!  

BLACK RUSSIAN is a local skateboard brand with a long history in BC. Born of grassroots from the PM skateboards crew, with deep ties in Castlegar/Rossland area by Kerry McCall and Josh Evin. With a brief hiatus, they are back with a killer line up of branded goods. We lost Josh in 2010, but his legacy lives on, as an amazing human, friend, and skater...a true Canadian Skate legend. He's looking down and is stoked. 

LO-LIFE Shop came onto the hand-made scene by offering her customers one-off hand embroidered creations. We got a hold of "Lo" and she agreed to sell to us and do a few custom items here and there, if we ask nicely. Amazing work!

And last but not least, MYPAKAGE.  Well let me tell you, if you want the boys to be happy, give them a good home. Vancouver based underwear brand with mind-boggling 'key-hole' technology to make your 'twig & berries' more comfy. A plethora of cutting edge styles and ever better designs/colors in soft MODAL fabric infused with 5% spandex.  So so so good.

 And there's more to come! 


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