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Grubwear Inks Sponsorship Deal with Motocross Rising Star - Nych Burnside of Parry Sound

Grubwear is proud to announce that we've re-inked a deal with Nych Burnside for a sponsorship over the next two years. 'NITRO' Nych has been ripping up the tracks all over Ontario for the past 6 years and continues to place on the podium. This spring and summer will be no different and Nych steps up his game on his KTM 150sx2-Stroke. Look for him at the MX2 Jr. and MX3 Jr. Series this summer.

"The greatest part about Nych" says Mike Jackson, owner of Grubwear, "is his commitment to the sport and dedication to riding. He has support from his Mom Christie and family/friends.  He is a humble kid, who is a gentleman off the track and a warrior on the track. He just loves to ride and it shows in how much fun he's having. We're so proud to have Nych wearing our TRI-G logo/brand and look forward to many years ahead".

Nych would also like to shout out to some if his other sponsors with a big thanks. 

#313 BRAAAAAP !!!


Nych Burnside Motocross Image in Grubwear Hat

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