About Us

A family owned, local Vancouver business creating custom branded goods to help our clients & retailing our locally inspired custom Grubwear designs.

Owning and operating a local business for over 25 years has not always been easy. We are proud that we've done it through passion for people (our customers), hard work and learning from our experiences.  Our success is tribute to attracting amazing customers, maintaining long-term relationships and generating new customers from referrals.  

Our history in a nutshell... In 1988, Grubwear Brand clothing was born out of the back of a Honda Civic hatchback in London, Ontario, Canada while Mike Jackson attended the University of Western Ontario. With an admitted passion for smart, bold graphic t’s and a thirst for the action sport lifestyle of beach, surf, skateboard and snowboarding, Mike was driven to bring these passions together with cutting-edge design and unique merchandise to launch his own independent brand. We grew to more than 50 retail stockists in Canada by 1995 and solidified our brand amongst the best in Canada.

Grubwear's Iconic TRI-G logo has circled the world, as we evolved beyond clothing into a hard goods and outwerwear company with the birth of Jackson Snowboards & Stitchworks in 1993.  This evolution took us around the world, selling our wares from Germany to Japan, solidifying distributor relationships in 11 countries by 1996.

In 1996, our flagship location, Thriller Shop, opened up in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. It became the brick & mortar head office behind our various house brands including:  Grubwear, Boris Brothers and Jackson Snowboards.  In 2010, after a long and adventure filled decade we moved our location to Main Street at 19th Avenue and are currently open as Studiotique located in Vancouver's hot Kingsway-Fraser area, having in-house screen-printing facilities and stocking only our products. Studiotique (studio in the back - boutique in the front) has become a neighborhood main-stay for clothing and accessories, set among kitschy decor and salvage/collectibles - an odd grouping but a match made in heaven. 

Grubwear remains a focused and driven Vancouver-based brand, blending style and function - with an edge that is fresh and timeless, just as our iconic TRI-G trademark.