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Let's clear things up for you!

Where’s Thriller Shop & what’s a Studiotique? What gives bro?

As noted in our ABOUT US section, I, Michael Jackson, laid THRILLER retail to rest for good in 2010. It was a good run and besides the real Michael Jackson had passed away, so I could no longer ride his coat-tails. When we moved from Main St. in Vancouver, BC to 617 Kingsway, the shop storefront was renamed to STUDIOTIQUE.  "Studio" in the back supporting the design & production of custom apparel and accessories we make for clients and "Boutique" front, focusing on our house brand Grubwear and unique treasures I can't help hunting for.

What is your shipping schedule?

Orders are generally processed within 3-5 business days.  If we do not have stock of an item, we make it for you custom! You’ll be notified when the item is shipping and if you require a tracking number (for expedited shipping) we will send it to you.

Do you accepts returns?

Generally we do not, unless there is a deficiency in the product or an error on our part.  Having said that, we are always driven to make you happy, so please contact us and we will help you get sorted. Often times, we ship another item at a reduced price and pay for shipping, so everyone wins. 

Do you make those old Grubwear hats? 

Um no, sadly no. It's sort of like asking David Bowie to sing 'Major Tom'. We're always striving to make better and cooler products that represent our brand and renewed focus, and can't revert to cover tunes. However, we will, every so often launch a limited edition t-shirt (Baked Today, Hip Kid, If it swells ride it, etc) and offer them through our shop.  Always open to suggestions too!

What ever happened to Jackson Snowboards?

In a nutshell, Jackson hard-goods has been put to bed. I had a great run, designing and producing  these boards (outsource OEM) for nearly 10 years. The first board I ever rode was my own. I made tons of new friends and travelled the world selling my wares but alas, the little independent brand falls through the cracks. It was very hard to wholesale my goods even within Canada and compete against the bigger brands. The good news is, we made a lifetime of amazing friendships and shredded some killer mountains worldwide.  We'll be posting pics of our old boards now and then onto our blog. Watch for Jackson Snowboards soft goods coming in the fall of 2015.

Do you sell wholesale? 

While we have limited Grubwear sales to our retail shop Studiotqiue, and online, we welcome inquiries and are prepared to supply a select number of retailers within North America. Please send us a note: mike@thrillershop.com

What are others saying about us?

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