Countdown To Kickstarter Launch! August 1


About 5 years ago, I saw this viral video of this little dude destroying a drum kit (and by that I mean blowing me away with skills).  I reached out to him and his parents to see if they needed some t-shirts.  Fast forward 5 years and here we are, watching Jonah turn into a world-class act drummer and a real nice kid.  His folks are cool and also play music along side him!  He is self-taught and just plays by ear, when he wants to.  

Jonah has played with the Odds, KISS and often with Travis Barker (Blink182), to name a few.  Here's a pic from a few years back.  Check out his website - Jonah Rocks!  

You can also buy his t-shirt and signed drum sticks on our site!  All proceeds go to Jonah. 


  • allen says...

    I’ve followed this little dude for a long time. Always amazing.Definately getting a shirt. Keep rocking J. Rock

    On Mar 01, 2015

  • Lasse Moje says...

    Travis Barker is the drummer of blink 182 instead of sum 41

    On Feb 28, 2015

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