Countdown To Kickstarter Launch! August 1

The Star Wars bedsheets that started it all!

Pictured below are the shorts that started it all.  

First ever pair of #grubwear 'jams' made from #starwars bedsheets in Calgary, circa 1985!  

My Mom taught me how to sew, so I started to make custom shirts for anyone and everyone who would bring me #vintage fabric or something cool.

I'd further #customize each pair, and this became my summer job! Spent many hours behind the sewing machine well into university and my #muskoka days, where I'd customize jeans #denim and jackets for the student body.  In #Calgary, I worked part time at a shop called Funky Punkers (for reals) painting custom shoes (blank converse) and other items. Our shop was above @westbeach79 where Chip Wilson got his start.  I used to shop there every week and was very deeply influenced by his shop, lifestyle and brand aesthetic. He was a giant and I was a punk.

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