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The events in Boston are hard to fathom. So many questions and I can't help but wonder why those two wimps did what they did in a country that took them in, harboured their families and then they turn on them. I stick to me guns, in that, if you don't like where you're at, either work to change it or leave. Simple. 

I think it's ironic how they (cowards) try to literally take out innocent  US citizens at the knees (sorry for the metaphor) and all they/we do is get back up and  come back stronger. Say what you want about USA but for as culturally-centric as they may be, they are amazingly resilient. Most Americans are amazing people, except for the gun toting ones (haha....had to say that). Imagine how war-torn Syria feels. Imagine living that nightmare, daily. 

Every day, I wake up, hug the kids and wife, tell them I love them and go to work. I make my own bed and I lie in it. It starts at home and I am so lucky to have been born Canadian.

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