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Grubwear Inks Official Licensing deal with the City of Vancouver - EAST VAN CROSS Trademark

Proud to announce that we have signed an official licensing deal with the CITY OF VANCOUVER to use the East Van Cross 

Giving us permission to use their official Trademark of the EAST VAN CROSS image and its likeness for the production of clothing and accessories.

After many months, we were lucky to have worked with the City to outline our proposed uses and to continue with efforts of giving back to our CITY by way of our Soup Kitchen, local community group and school donations, and volunteer work with the Vancouver Coastal Health. 

After aggressive and life threatening actions by un-named local individuals, claiming rights to the design, (having no merit nor current documented official claim) to this specific MARK, we sought out legal advice and took action. Kudos to the City of Vancouver for working with us.

There is so much pride for our neighbourhood....let's keep giving back and making it better. We're all in the same boat.

  • Gmac says...

    Keep up the great work Mike! Look forward to seeing more great gear featuring this iconic trademark.

    On Jan 12, 2017

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