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Mike Jackson will join I LOVE FIRST PEOPLES in Northern BC April 30-May 4th


I am very proud and excited to be travelling to Northern BC in early may with our entire I Love First Peoples team, visiting the communities of Kitwanga, Kispiox, Gitanyow, Gitsegukla, Gitwangak, & New Hazelton. May people have worked very hard, all across the nation to help us reach out our hands in reconciliation and promote our wonderful indigenous culture.

I am honored and humbled to be one representative of many who've been dedicated to building our Shoe Box campaign and collecting almost 1000 boxes in BC alone to be handed out to the amazing kids!

Much love to PortLiving & Averra Developments for giving us storage and clean, warm space to work within and support on our trip. Without you both, this trip would not happen. Thanks to Josee Lusignan & Iain G Speirs for your tireless work and inspiration. Many thanks to the schools and groups who made significant contributions to help us meet our goal - Charles Dickens Elementary SPRING FLING and Collingwood School & Vira Laats JacksonTamara Grace...thanks for all your hard work!

A very special thank you to our good friend Kelsi Desjarlais and the entire team at Central Mountain Air for their incredible support of our trip to Northern BC that includes visits to 8 different communities including

Please visit them at

Stay tuned as I'll return with photos, updates, stories, and videos to share and further help us along to work as partners with the First Nation's communities and programs!

Let's do this. #dosomething




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