Limited Edition Leather Wallets | By Grubwear

In 1988, Mike Jackson started designing a brand around classic art-driven and action sport imagery with an irreverent accent. Every piece we make has passion and thought built right in. You can count on it.  

We started  making wallets in 2006 after a visit to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. We found a street vendor named Jesus who agreed to make small batch full digitally printed hand-made soft leather wallets for us.  Pick from these limited edition items. The perfect gift for you, your man, or Dad/bro. Hecho en Mexico!
Pick from 7 epic designs:
  • '3 Stroked' Enduro Girl
  • Cornelius (planet of the apes)
  • Luchre Libra
  • Retro Jet Airliner
  • Matchsticks
  • Party Wave
A supreme value @ $19.95